Saving up for Dream House

Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes knows that I have a little bit of a shopping problem.  This problem is exacerbated by the fact that my job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, and there are often stretches of time where I have little to nothing to do.  Now, I do read a multitude of blogs, and that does help pass the time, but even the blogs I read inevitably lead me to a vintage clothing store on Etsy or a retro reproduction boutique.  And on the pages of these sites, which I am compelled to view, I often find the perfect dress, the shoes that I’ve been waiting for all my life, or that accessory that I suddenly cannot live without!  Having a shopping problem such as I do, I needn’t even remove my credit card from my bag, as I have long ago memorized its digits.  Voila!  A new package is winging its way to my house, and the dollars are silently soaring away, unacknowledged.

While all of the vintage blogs and online boutiques have come together in the past two years to culminate in the honing of my vintage “look,” and I very much appreciate the help in discovering my personal style, the shopping has also dealt some heavy damage to my savings account.  I can’t blame just the vintage-inspired clothing and accessories purchases for the blood-letting of my funds.  My credit card has also taken a lot of heat in the form of online purchases for my wedding this past year.  Between birdcage veils, deco-style stationary, ivory feathered hair flowers, and I Do shoe stickers, I’m surprised that the plastic of my trusty credit card is still in a solid state.

i do

With the wedding and honeymoon over and thoroughly enjoyed, and the vintage style completely infused into my wardrobe, it’s time to move on to the next big thing.  Dream House is calling my name.  I can see its Victorian turrets, gingerbread trim, and wraparound porch outside, the grand foyer, high ceilings, and cherry hardwood inside.


Can’t you see the lovely, Gothic Halloween decorations and fall foliage in October?  The evergreen wreaths, red bows, and warm glow of candles in the windows in December?  The heirloom spring and summer flowers nodding in a warm breeze?  The kitty watching the birds through the window year-round?

Here is my motivation to avoid the temptation of the vintage clothing shops on Etsy and the retro repro boutiques.  I have a plan, and I’ve already take the first steps.  This picture will be taped to the bottom of my computer monitor to keep Dream House at the front of my mind.  I’ve unsubscribed to the email promotions from all of my favorite shopping haunts.  I’ve enlisted my mom to teach me how to sew and embroider.  I may still buy fabric here and there, but it will take me much longer to get through each sewing project than it would for me to buy three new dresses at the click of a mouse.  I’m also getting into thrifting.  I know this still involves spending money, but it should be far less than I’d spend online, it actually requires me to plan a weekend outing, and I hope to enforce a small allowance on myself.




Other ideas designed to distract me from the allure of shopping include: blogging on a regular basis, collecting recipes and cooking real meals more often, using Pinterest to collect the things I love without paying money for them, and opening my own Etsy store.  Since I am so addicted to Etsy, I might as well make it work for me!  I haven’t made much headway on this project, yet, but I have so many ideas, and future posts will probably be dedicated to some of them.  Here is a tiny sneak peak:


Would you like to see my first finished sewing project?  Here it is, my Valentine circle skirt!

 vday skirt

And my first finished embroidery project:


Oh, and one of my first thrifting successes: sheer, peach gloves!


Wish me luck!



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