Makeup Shopping Haul

On the same Tysons trip where I visited the Intimacy store, I also spent a little time in MAC and Sephora.  I was specifically looking for a few products I had seen in vintage makeup tutorials from Cherry Dollface,Lisa Freemont Street, and Elegant Musings.  I’m no makeup expert, but I know enough to pull off a decent vintage or pinup look (thanks to watching a lot of tutorials from those mentioned above and others!).  I think every girl who’s into vintage-style makeup is always on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick, and I’ve had some success with Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstick in Red Revival and Very Cherry, which you can buy at any drugstore.  But I have also seen several recommendations for MAC and Besame, specifically, MAC’s MAC Red and Russian Red and Besame’s Besame Red, Cherry Red, and Red Hot Red.  Since there’s a MAC store in Tysons, I thought I would give MAC a chance.

MAC’s lipstick tubes remind me of bullets. So very WWII pinup-appropriate!

Obviously which red is the perfect red depends a lot on your skin tone, and after seeing MAC Red and Russian Red next to my skin, I decided to go with Russian Red.

I love the way a fresh lipstick looks in the tube, don’t you?

Although I didn’t remember to take a picture when I actually wore this lipstick, I’m pretty happy with it.  It doesn’t turn out quite as pink as the Maybelline reds appear with my specific skin tone.  I’m sure some of that could be alleviated if I muted my lips with concealer first, but I usually don’t do that, as I’m not a fan of the way it makes my lips feel.  To be honest, I mostly wear my trusty Lip Smacker strawberry lip glossfrom the jumbo tube.  I’m completely addicted, and people frequently comment on the ginormous size of lip gloss that I carry at all times, but I’m ok with that.

Anyway, I’d still like to try the Besame lipstick, but I’ll have to hold off on ordering it.  It would make an excellent stocking stuffer… Mom, are you reading this? 😉

After MAC, I went in Sephora to find the next item on my little list, which was actually the last item I planned to buy: white eyeliner.  I didn’t go in looking for any specific brand, and Sephora’s was just the first one I found.

Isn’t this an exciting picture? I do rather like that the wood of the pencil is black, though. I wonder what it will look like when I sharpen it?

I’d been wanting white eyeliner for a while, but I could never seem to find it in the drugstore.  It’s good for highlights and lining the water line (oh come on, I know you’ve heard Tyra preaching on ANTM about how white liner on the water line opens up your eyes).  But I did finally buy it because of this tutorial from Cherry Dollface:

And I actually do have a photo of my results!

My version of Cherry Dollface’s psychobilly lookUnfortunately, the colors don’t show up too well in this cell phone picture (I’m sorry, but I did finally charge my camera battery and will start taking “real” photos soon!), but you get the idea.  I used colors from this e.l.f. Studio 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, so they’re probably not as vibrant as they could be, but I’m not ready to go buy expensive purple and yellow eyeshadow that I’m not going to use very often.  By the way, I really love the e.l.f. eyeshadow palette; it was so cheap and has an awesome array of colors!

While I was looking for the white eyeliner, I stumbled across a gorgeous metallic eyeshadow from Sephora, called Prisma Chrome, and I accidentally purchased this color, called Dazzle.

Gorgeous, coppery goodness. Don’t mind my dresses reflected in the mirror; they’re waiting for a photoshoot (more on that later)!I’m a sucker for copper.  Just today, I discovered this Whirling Turban dress and almost wept at how beautiful it is.

Click the picture to link to Whirling Turban’s site; they have the most beautiful, vintage-style dresses and playsuits!I haven’t worn the Dazzle shadow, other than when I put it on with my finger, right after I bought it (I couldn’t wait to try it!), but I’m looking forward to wearing it soon!  Maybe with the Russian Red lipstick!  And maybe I’ll even take pictures… with a real camera, no less!

Oh, I did buy one other thing when I was at Sephora: a synthetic braided headband which matches my hair pretty closely (this is why I should never go to the mall).  I’m not sure if it was the light or medium brown, but I think it was one of those; they have more colors online than they did in the store.  I had one of these I got at Target a long time ago, but it fell apart, and I’ve missed it ever since!  They’re so comfortable and handy for mediocre to bad hair days.

I hope you enjoyed my little makeup shopping haul and other random tidbits.  I’m headed to another mall tomorrow, so tune in next week to see how well my budget fares.  It’s hard to be good when there are so many shiny and wonderful things about!  I’ve also got a few other posts lined up to let you know what I’ve been up to (just watching a space shuttle fly in on a jumbo jet) and what I’ll be up to soon (petticoat photoshoot, anyone?).  I know I don’t post frequently, but please keep checking back, and I’ll try to be better about that!


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