An Introduction – Better Late than Never?

Hello, perhaps this is a bit late, as I already made my first post here on, but I thought I’d go back and do an introduction of sorts.  If you’re reading this, you probably already know me (if not, here is some background), and you might also know that I did a little bit of blogging over atCynical Optimism and Other Stories, but as you can see, it’s been a while.  I’m blaming that on my wedding.  When Denny and I started talking about a wedding website, we came up because a.) it’s an awesome URL, and b.) we share a love of Star Wars (and other equally geeky things).  If you don’t understand how that relates to the URL, we can’t be friends anymore.

Just got the set of Ant Lucia’s Princess Leia pinup prints (you can buy them here).  Geekery and pinups… does it get any better?!

Just kidding about the not being friends thing!  Anyway, as my love and I worked on our wedding website, he had the clever idea of making it a his and hers blog so we could use it long after the wedding.  Brilliant!  The long after the wedding part was true, as I obviously am just starting to post, and the wedding was over 4 months ago.  But the his and hers part hasn’t quite come into being.  That’s ok; it could still happen.  Denny has been busy with a side project, recently, and perhaps he’ll share that later!  For now, I’m forging ahead with the hers part.

I wish I could tell you that I have a plan for this blog, and that it will be beautifully organized and carefully scheduled.

Good thing there’s no one counting on me to turn out blog posts like clockwork!

I intend to write about things that interest me (vintage style, crafting, art, a little baking, and some light geekery) and the silly things that I do or that happen to me (you saw the cake post and the bugpost, right?).  I hope to keep everything loosely cohesive under the vintage and geeky categories (like the geeky pinup art, above), but my tastes run a bit eclectic.

I do know that my next post will be about the weekend’s activities, as Denny and I did have a fun little adventure, of sorts, on Saturday.  If that sounds like something you might like to hear more about, then do check back!



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